Balance your body and mind with our well-treated treatments. Choose your favorite type of massage combined together with the retreat of foot spa.

Package Price
Back (From 30mins) $40.00
Neck & Shoulders (from 30mins) $40.00
Legs (From 30mins) $40.00
Neck, Shoulders & Back (From 40mins) $50.00
Back & Legs (From 50mins) $60.00
Neck, Shoulders & Foot (From 50mins) $60.00
Neck, Shoulder, Back, Legs (From 60mins) $70.00
Neck, Shoulder, Back, Legs, Head & Arms (From 70mins) $80.00
Whole Body (Including Foot from 90mins) $110.00
Whole Body (Including Foot, Foot Spa from 110mins) $130.00
Package Price
Acupressure Foot Reflexology (30mins) $40.00
Acupressure Foot Reflexology (40mins) $50.00
Acupressure Foot Reflexology (50mins) $60.00
Acupressure Foot Reflexology (60mins) $70.00
Pregnancy Gentle Foot Reflexology (30mins) $40.00


To spoil yourself after the long hours of work that has never end. Choose one oil-based massage to begin with and allow the Hot bath creates a deeply relaxing, luxurious experience and promoted well-being.


Cupping has proven results in assisting pain management. It can be quite affective method when implemented regular into your life style.

Package Price
Ear Candling $30.00
Detoxing (From 30mins) $30.00
Child Body Care (From 30mins) $40.00
Cupping Therapy (From 30mins) $40.00
Frozen Shoulders (From 30mins) $40.00
Tennis Elbow (From 30mins) $40.00
Massage in Pregnancy (From 30mins) $40.00

Important Notice

We only focused on Neck, Shoulder, Back , Legs (Backside), Arms, head and feet in whole body massage package but if anyone would like do Legs (Front Side), Tummy or Chest then you need to notice us before or added any of the above massage like 10 mins $10, 20 mins $20