Reflexology is basically a study of how one part of the human body relates to another part of the body. The reflexology practitioners rely on the reflexes map of the feet and hands to all the internal organs and other human parts. They generally believe that by applying the appropriate pressure and massage certain spots on the feet and hands and other parts could get revitalized and rejuvenated.

It is a simple and systematic approach– In simple words reflexology is nothing but a systematic approach and practice in which some pressure to any particular points on the feet and hands give impact on the health of related parts of the body. Each point of pressure acts as the sensors on the feet and hands and is linked with varied parts of the body in a specified manner.

It improves and improvises your body– Reflexology session can improve and improvise by other elements such as aromatherapy, peaceful music and good ambience settings. Reflexology is a complementary therapy instead of an alternative therapy for other treatments which patient already has based on reflexology maps.

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